A 200g jar of Sally Lunn's homemade apple chutney.


Chutney has a very long life [that's the whole point of preserving] and we put 12 months shelf life on it when it is made. However the flavour improves if unopened with age - so maybe buy one for now and one of later!  When your jar/s are opened they should be refrigerated and used within a month. * Please note we use actual apples - that come from a tree and arrive with a core and skin, we peel & core them [it takes ages] and without any kind of machine [we tried that it and it was lethal]. Chutney is usally made with tinned apple which is easy but has had all the taste removed when it is tinned. Maybe that is why our chutney is so famous?

Ingredients: Bramley apples*, sugar, onion, cider vinegar, prunes, mustard seeds, garlic, ginger, salt, cloves, chilli, cinnamon sticks and love. CONTAINS MUSTARD & SULPHUR.


See here for full delivery information - NB This has changed since recent developments with Lockdown.

Bramley Apple Chutney - homemade

  • With the announcement of a November Lockdown we expect to be able to meet an even higher demand for online orders as Sally Lunn's House in Bath will be closed until allowed to reopen. 

    We plan to be baking and dispatching Bunns on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays


    We will aim to dispatch all orders as soon as possible after receipt - if your order is placed before midnight we will aim to send out the next day we bake but cannot guarantee this. An email confirmation with tracking number will be sent when your order is dispatched. 


    Please note that we are currently unable to offer preferred delivery days or dates.

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