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Delivery Problems?

If you are reading this then we are so very sorry. When we say goodbye to each lovingly packed box we cross our fingers - the final stage of our online service is entirely out of our hands. Once we dispatch - an email is generated to you with a link & tracking number. In the vast majority of cases orders arrive the next day. A few are the following day. A very very few are the day after. The final very very few are destined to never arrive at all - perhaps because the box is mistakenly delivered to the wrong depot or address or a scanning error. But more often it seems that the box arrives at the final depot or van and then the driver either is unwell or not able to meet the schedule.

IMPORTANT - Our courier - DX - has the option with its online tracking to rebook a delivery. This is great for non perishable products but not for Bunns. PLEASE DO NOT REBOOK A DELIVERY. If a delivery on Day 1 is missed DX will automatically attempt a delivery on Day 2 - if you rebook the delivery it will add at least 2 days extra.

If the volume of parcels at the courier dramatically increases [very often at the moment] then there can be delays throughout the network and a backlog builds up. These are not 'normal' times and we hear reports of entire depots closed whilst staff isolate - depots full of parcels - sadly maybe yours. This is not an issue just with our courier - all couriers share the same issues.

If your order is not delivered after the second day following receipt of the tracking email, please send us a message using the contact form please add your order number as the reference. Do please use this online form [rather than phone or email] as the form will quickly get to the right person at Sally Lunn's. We will respond as soon as we can.


NB the tracking page commonly will continue to display Awaiting first delivery (Now out on road) even if the delivery is not made - this is because the parcel is in the vehicle on its way but there is an issue.

Thank you

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